Marketing Consultants – How to Know If Your Marketing Consultant is Effective

Today, there are so many people who are offering marketing consulting services however, not all of them are really effective. Some just read a book or two and they think that they already know it all.

If you are an entrepreneur (especially if you are just starting out), it’s a must that you avoid these “self-proclaimed experts” if you don’t want your business to go downhill.

Here’s how you can determine if your marketing consultant is effective:

1. Portfolio. Before you sign up with anyone, I recommend that you ask for credentials or portfolio. You would want to work with somebody who has the experience, knowledge, and trainings. Also, you want somebody who is highly recommended by his previous customers and other industry leaders.

2. Free consultations. Most legit marketing consultants these days are offering free consultations and sometimes, free consulting services. This is to help their prospects gauge if they are indeed the right person for the project. If you came across somebody who require payment upfront and who is not willing to offer even a free consultation, run to the opposite way. He/she is most likely to be a scammer.

3. Is he/she asking questions? If the consultant is not asking questions, there is a huge possibility that he is not understanding your problem. People who have been there and done that are usually inquisitive and they ask a lot of questions to get a clear picture of the problems that their clients are going through.

4. Does he/she listens? It’s not a good sign if the consultant is doing all the talking. If he is not willing to give you some time to talk, he’ll never really understand your needs thus, he’ll never be able to address these needs.